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Heat’s Wade knees Panthers’ Barkov in the head at NBA game

Rarely will you hear someone complain when an athlete exhibits a great deal of hustle.

Unless, of course, you’re Aleksander Barkov kicking it courtside at the Miami Heat game while a surging Dwyane Wade is making a beeline straight towards your face.

Then, you may have an argument worth listening to.

That was the case on Sunday night when the Florida Panthers’ star forward took in the Heat game against the visiting Utah Jazz.

With the Jazz in possession of the ball, Wade sprinted all the way back to the defensive end of the court to break up a pass. Given how fast he was travelling, though, his momentum carried him right into the crowd.

Barkov’s face, meet Wade’s knee.

On this occasion, it certainly did hurt to hustle.

The NBA star obviously felt bad and decided to reach out to the Panthers forward on Twitter to make sure he was alright.

And Barkov had the absolute perfect response.

This may not be a bad call after all. Speaking from experience, I have never once said, “you know, I really regret wearing a helmet” in any situation which has led me to wear a bucket.

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